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The Rewarded Efforts Company

A Passion for Ethical AI

The Future of Work requires a strong ethical foundation. As Machine Learning (ML) models become more prevalent in executive decision-making, it's critical for data scientists to develop frameworks for how data is modeled and consumed in the business. The Rewarded Efforts Company specializes in building tailored Ethical AI frameworks.

Data Councils | Board Governance | Bias Review Processes | Applied Research   

ETHICAL AI Embedded Within The HIRE-to-RETIRE Lifecycle


The Rewarded Efforts Company is preparing organizations for the Future of Work by combining advanced analytics with Ethical AI principles. The mission is to utilize machine learning in a way that advances human capital performance.


Future of Work = People + Machines 

Focus Area(s):

Computer Vision | Natural Language Processing

Regression | Image Classification | Time Series

LSTM-CNN-RNN Neural Networks


AI Platforms Reflect Human Behavior

People Ethics = Machine Ethics

  • Use data to tell a story

  • Ensure front-line users build digital fluency

  • Build multiple redundancies for Ethical AI

  • Proactively manage model lifecycles

  • Stay current with emerging technologies

  • Focus on designing an ML pipeline

  • Ensure models adapt to new data

  • Always protect employee privacy

"Before you're a leader, it's about growing yourself. Once you become a leader, it's about growing others."  - Jack Welch - Former CEO of GE

Our Practice

Fact Sheet:

  • Founded 2010

  • Clients in USA, APAC, and MENA

  • Specialize in AI for Human Resources

  • Oil & Gas, Technology, Hospitality

  • 2,500 Digital Fluency Training Sessions

Consultants have ​written and taught at:

  • Forbes HR Council

  • HR Exchange Network

  • HR Technology Congress

  • HRCI Data Ethics Committee

  • KFUPM and University of North Texas


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