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Ethical AI and Digital Solutions for the Human Resources Field 

Computer Vision | Natural Language Processing (NLP) | Regression Classifiers | ML Ops Pipelines 

Our Signature Elements

Strategic Workforce Planning

Utilize AI and Machine Learning to optimize the workforce planning process. This includes automating the build-buy-borrow-bridge forecasting, alongside the critical skill requirements that are needed by position based on emerging market trends.

Time Series Forecasting | Attrition Models | Integration with Supply Chain

Deep Learning Models and Neural Networks

The Rewarded Efforts Company specializes in building meaningful depth in the hidden layers within neural networks. Our robust process ensures that deep learning models are continuously improving in terms of data adaption and strategic insight.

Leader Identification | Training Roadmaps | Mentor Assignments

ML Ops Implementation

Integrate the entire HR lifecycle into the ML Ops portfolio. This includes building scalable models that continuously adapt to new data, alongside scoring predictions to identify methodologies that are best aligned with emerging market trends.

Cloud Native | AWS-Microsoft-Google | GitHub | ML Ops Portfolio Management

Digital Fluency Acceleration

In parallel with AI/ML deployment, the Rewarded Efforts Company helps organizations strengthen their digital fluency through structured training programs related to data science, ML Ops management, applied statistics, and ethical AI.

Data Science Fundamentals | ML Ops | Ethical AI Leadership

Tailored solutions that integrate with your organization's cloud ecosystem

Ethical AI requires that machine learning models are continuously monitored for prediction accuracy and bias. This requires an ML Ops portfolio that automates the process for collecting data, integrating design updates, and alerting leadership to changes in prediction accuracy.

Third Party Contract Management

PMO for ML Ops Vendor Selection

Recruiting Support for Data Science Leadership Roles

External Benchmarks by Industry

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