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Ethical AI

Board Governance | Bias Monitoring | Policy Setting

Our Philosophy:

The Rewarded Efforts Company believes in the principle of "ethics at scale". This means that AI/ML platforms serve as multipliers for existing human behavior. Organizations that maintain robust compliance and CSR programs are able to capitalize on ML concepts. Comparatively, organizations that lack a strong culture in ethical business will experience added challenges as AI/ML models reinforce negative practices through automation.

Our Principles:

  • Human behavior drives machine behavior.

  • Ethical AI should be proactively managed.

  • The board and C-suite have meaningful roles.

  • Focus on structure and policy goals.

  • Act on negative findings immediately.

Helping Organizations Evolve Their Maturity Model

Industry Use Cases

Employee Privacy

At the core of Ethical AI is the importance of employee privacy and data protection. In today's marketplace, it's critical for senior leaders to view data as part of the employee experience. This means that executives have a responsibility to protect confidential data, while developing policies for how information will be used in key decisions such as promotions, succession planning, hiring and terminations, and professional development.

Chain of Data Custody | Global Privacy Regulations | Violation Reporting

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