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The Future of Work
People + Machines

Ethical AI and Data Science Consultancy

United States | Middle East | APAC

"If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Einstein

Helping organizations take the next step in their digital journey

The Rewarded Efforts Company emphasizes the "People + Machines" mindset. This ensures that digital assets, ML pipelines, and data models are linked to people strategy. It's critical that stakeholders are fully integrated into the change journey. This includes structured learning journeys, alongside workshops that help leaders understand the "need" and contribute to the broader vision. 

AI Design Principles:

  • Emphasizes simplicity

  • Tells a story

  • Utilizes an ethical mindset

  • Improves human performance

  • Fits in the broader toolbox

  • Models always learning

  • Depth of hidden layers


Supervised and Unsupervised

  • RNN | LSTM | CNN | Markov Chains

  • Classification

  • Regression

  • Time Series Forecasting

  • Clustering and Association

  • Computer Vision | NLP

ML Ops Design

Utilize agile methodologies to automate ML pipelines. This includes linking models to the cloud, managing data lifecycles, and ensuring new data retrains assumptions. 

Neural Networks

Deep learning models to assist leaders with managing headcount and hiring costs, tracking employee sentiment, identifying and developing future leaders, and monitoring attrition.

Computer Vision

Unlock the power of images and recordings by teaching machines to recognize visual patterns and apply rules aligned with Ethical AI principles and HR strategy.

Digital Fluency

Training programs to help your People teams develop skills in data science, ethical AI, and data visualizations. Program designed for entry level HR Business Partners to advanced Machine Learning Engineers. 

Applying ethical AI frameworks to data applications that impact    talent decisions

Five Signature Elements

 1.  Neural Networks

2.  Bias Detectors

3.  Data Councils

4.  ML Ops Frameworks

5. Digital Fluency Training

The Future of Work will see a profound shift in the ways companies organize projects and deploy human and machine capital. Moving forward, machine learning (ML) will play a significant role in executive decision-making. This means People Professionals will need to have a strong skillset in data science. This incudes data governance, employee privacy, neural networks, and computer vision. 


For HR leaders, it's important that ethical frameworks are applied to leadership decision-making. As ML models are added to the company's operating portfolio, topics such as automated resume screening, data-driven promotions, and neural network sentiment analysis will become paramount.  

The Rewarded Efforts Company helps HR teams develop robust ethical frameworks for data decision-making. This ensures that broader goals such as D&I and social responsibility are achieved using ML models.

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Are you ready to take the next step towards Digital Fluency

Your Partner in Success!

The Rewarded Efforts Company works with clients of all sizes. This includes Fortune 500 multinationals, venture capital start-ups, and senior leaders looking to improve the digital fluency of their teams. A commitment to ethical AI is an important element in choosing to work with us.

Example Use Cases:

  • Digital Fluency Training

  • Survey Analysis (NLP Sentiment)

  • Image Classification

  • Bias Detection (D&I)

  • Organization Network Analysis

Global Use Cases


Nightlife Marketing
Neural Network


 Financial Services | Hospitality | Energy | Technology | Start-Ups



Jesse Lapierre

US Diplomat

Corporate Affairs Executive

 I was absolutely astounded by the increased hiring efficiency from the team's models. Using their system bridges that gap, and allows for a synergy between man and machine, which translates to better offers and results.


Paul Lansford

CEO Phoenix Pay

Financial Services

They have terrific data scientists and HR professionals. Their team excels at identifying target industries, using analytics to build scalable models, and then help make those meaningful stories that lead to executive decisions.


Alvin Picket

Head HR Strategy

Aramco, ADNOC, Accenture

They are great partners for HR strategy. Their ability to connect analytics to the broader people platform allows executives to understand the pain points and develop action plans. 


Steve McIntosh

Sr. HR Executive

Shell, Aramco, Microsoft, Kraft

It's rare to have a technical team that understands how to interact with HR professionals. The team brings a valuable mix of analytical, finance and business knowledge together to help advance the HR field and teach people analytics.


Alessandro Iacoangeli

HR Director

Monster, Chimec

I enjoyed working on as an HR business partner and digital collaborator on shared projects. They have strong analytical skills, combined with a friendly team. This makes them easy to work with on data projects.


Bo Cosic

Sr. HR Executive

Uniword, Tokia, Aramco

They are passionate data scientists who helped transform our organization with compelling metrics to ensure objectivity and data-driven decision-making. 

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